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Shenzhen XRAY Electric Co 。,Ltd Founded in June 2002,Shenzhen XRAY Electric Co .,Ltd(abbreviated as "XRAY" in the industry), is unique and professional in R&D,manufacturing,marketing varieties of chamber X-ray machine and medical vehicles.XRAY owns more than ten thousand square meters place and 100 employees.With almost 10 years' development,XRAY has become a well acknowledged brand and high-technology enterprise all over the country.

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Address: Longgang District Baolong Industrial City Baoqing Lu Huafeng Digital Technology Park VII plant TEL:0755-89648605, 89648610

E-mail:szxray@hxray。com Shenzhen XRAY Electric Co。,Ltd ICP No。 13068150-3 Design by:szweb。cn

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